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Find out more about our work which spans across five main areas including developing a community of practice, building the evidence, policy making, supporting the workforce and implementing social prescribing.

Community of practice

The Global Social Prescribing Network is an independent group of international partners from over 20 countries who meet regularly on a 6-weekly basis to exchange knowledge, share ideas and best practice.

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Community Garden

A deep-dive exploring hyperlocal examples of social prescribing in action examining the true impact on individuals and local communities across the globe. We will also be showcasing international social prescribing champions within the clinical and non-clinical environment.


Working with international partners across the world to share evidence more effectively, with a focus on outcomes for people, local systems, and communities.  The academic partners are now building a wider collaborative to inform their work, welcoming interest from those with an interest in evidence from across the social prescribing pathway, both UK and internationally. Register your interest here: 

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Be they Social Prescribing Link Workers in the UK, ASHA workers in India, Seikatsu Shien workers in Japan, or Community Connectors in Australia, investing in supporting individuals delivering social prescribing is crucial. 


Our Social Prescribing Playbook aims to uncover the building blocks of ‘good’ Social Prescribing to guide and support policy makers and leaders across the world to implement social prescribing within their own country of origin. 

Student council

We believe long term change can only occur by driving forward a shift in values and beliefs amongst the future generation of clinicians and healthcare professionals. The students of today represent the healthcare professionals of tomorrow and must be equipped with the necessary tools to navigate the ever-changing demographic.

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SDG Projects

We present the first part of the Global Unity Mural (G U M ) to be realised in Geneva, Switzerland December 2, 2021, depicting themes of stimulation, motivation, inspiration and incentive. It will be the largest mural in the world, initiated by the artist @apolo.mde. If you want a place to participate in this great event, just register, upload your talent to and share with the world all your talent and get financial benefits and international recognition.



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