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"Delivering a social revolution in health and wellbeing"

Global Social Prescribing Alliance (GSPA)

Thriving Together

SDG3 Good Health & Wellbeing

Gareth Presch, is the new CEO of the Global Social Prescribing Alliance (GSPA).

Gareth has been involved in healthcare for nearly 25 years and has a BA Honors Degree in Public Management (Healthcare). He is the Founder and CEO of the World Health Innovation Summit and World Health Service and his previous roles within the health sector include working on Ehealth solutions and District Nursing within the NHS (2014 - 2015). He was the former Chief Officer of the National Haemophilia Council, Ireland (2006-2013) reporting to the Department of Health and advising the Minister for Health and the Health Service Executive (HSE) on all aspects relating to haemophilia and rare bleeding disorders. The mistakes of the past had cost the Irish State in excess of €1b and the Council was established on that basis. Part of his role within blood policy he worked on the procurement of state medicines through the Haemophilia Product Selection Monitoring Advisory Body and was part of the team that established the National Blood Transfusion Committee (2011-2013) and National Haemochromatosis project (2011-2013). He also worked with the Department of Health, Special Delivery Unit, to support the National Endoscopy Service Improvement Programme in Ireland.

His previous roles within the health sector included healthcare estates (property portfolio management of over 600 properties), health promotion, community/primary care, acute hospitals etc.

GSPA is a global health alliance dedicated to the advancement of social prescribing through promotion, collaboration and innovation to “Enable thriving communities to deliver a social revolution in their health and wellbeing while generating value”.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has pushed the world’s health systems, health workforce (We face a 18m shortfall by 2030 BMJ), social and political systems to their limits, and sometimes beyond. It has also exposed underlying health inequality and the fragility of some systems. However, the response across the world to the COVID-19 pandemic has also demonstrated the amazing achievements that are possible when governments, communities and people work together against common challenges. We have seen astonishing examples of high quality healthcare delivery in extremely challenging circumstances, and the resilience of governments, healthcare systems and people. In a world operating beyond the pandemic, traditional approaches to health and wellbeing might no longer be enough.

The Global Social Prescribing Alliance is a group of worldwide partners who recognise that what keeps us well is more than medicine. The Alliance’s vision is to: “Enable thriving communities to deliver a social revolution for their health and wellbeing while generating value”. Its mission is to establish a global working group dedicated to the advancement of social prescribing through promotion, collaboration and innovation. The Alliance’s work supports the implementation of UN sustainable development goal 3 – “good health and wellbeing”.

The global alliance will champion social prescribing and the work of local communities in connecting people by focusing on Six main areas of work:

1) Creating a Universal Narrative for redefining health and wellbeing through ‘rethinking medicine’, ‘personalised care’, and ‘social prescribing’ in support of SDG3 Good Health & Wellbeing

2) Delivering clinical leadership through the development of a global network of clinical champions.

3) Creating innovative Community Development approaches focussed on existing assets and sustainable financial structures (economic model).

4) Implementing the Building Blocks for Social Prescribing and developing the five zones: Arts - Nature - Exercise - Knowledge and Wisdom.

5) Creating Workforce Solutions for healthcare institutions via new platforms.

6) Harnessing Digital Solutions to enhance information and meaning.

This will be a unique global health initiative that would allow us to move forward during COVID19 and build back stronger by providing capacity for our citizens health and wellbeing in the future.

“The opportunity exists to create a model of healthcare that creates value based on prevention. Early intervention by using different types of resources that will enable people and communities to thrive and improve their health and wellbeing. We can support existing health services, create new and meaningful jobs while supporting the implementation of the UN 17 sustainable development goals.” Gareth Presch, CEO, GSPA

The Alliance was formally launched on the 25th February 2021 by the UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.

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