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Our CEO Gareth Presch was in Hamburg this week speaking at the BGW Forum International Social Security Association.

Miriam Stuckert, Dr. Daniel Opoku, Gareth Presch, Acran Salmen - Navarro MD, Yvonne Straub

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has dramatically unveiled the health inequalities (Gender, Disability etc) that exist in societies across the world, alongside the fragile state of the world’s health. With climate change the next challenge our CEO was invited to speak about how we can address these challenges while delivering the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

He presented on the Future of Healthcare and spoke in depth about how Social Prescribing can help strengthen health systems around the world.

He took part in the International panel discussion which focused on "Resilience of the hospital systems in the pandemic aftermath" expertly Chaired by Miriam Stuckert

The attendees heard keynotes from international experts Dr. Daniel Opoku, German-West African Centre for Global Health and Pandemic Prevention (G-WAC), Ghana - he gave an insight into Ghana's response to COVID19. Acran Salmen - Navarro MD, MSc, NYU Grossman School of Medicine, USA - Acran spoke about how NYC handled the pandemic and the challenges it brought and Yvonne Straub, SUVA, Switzerland who highlighted the importance of best practice for occupational health to support staff.

Gareth's topic was the Future of Healthcare - Hospitals & Community Services and he showcased the opportunities to develop new models of healthcare based on prevention that deliver economic benefits (£1 invested £36 SROI) while strengthening the health system and creating new jobs World Health Innovation Summit CIC.

FROM SICK CARE TO HEALTHCARE and how social prescribing can support deliver new models of healthcare.

He emphasised the opportunities to aligned CLIMATE AND HEALTH investments with COP28 taking place in November 2023.

He spoke about how the UK and global partners are working together to scale #socialprescribing Global Social Prescribing Alliance

Finally on financing he spoke about how new investment vehicles are being created to support the Future of Healthcare. He spoke about the work he's doing with The Good Economy Mark Hepworth Sarah Forster who have been pioneering place based impact investment (PBII) across the UK and how we're working on PBII Health Labs and plan to scale through WHIS Healthy Cities.

There was an exciting Powerchair Hockey event in the evening followed by a fantastic networking event.

Further details about BGW Forum and ISSA can be found via the websites:

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