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Global Social Prescribing Alliance and ASPIRE join forces to support Social Prescribing

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

We're delighted to announce an MOU between the Global Social Prescribing Alliance and ASPIRE.

The Global Social Prescribing Alliance Ltd (GSPA) is a group of worldwide partners who recognise that what keeps us well is more than medicine. The Alliance’s vision is to: “Enable thriving communities to deliver a social revolution for their health and wellbeing while generating value”.

ASPIRE is Australia’s foremost institute dedicated to advancing the role of social prescribing in contemporary healthcare. Through research, education, policy, and strategy, we shape unique Australian models grounded in our diverse cultural and community concepts of wellness. We champion individual empowerment, drive community resilience, and foster collaborations, redefining health and social well-being for all Australians.

The agreement looks at how both agencies can support social prescribing globally.

“Contributing to this partnership allows us to enhance global knowledge, research, and practice in social prescribing, while benefiting significantly from the learnings and resources of our global partners. We look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will bring.” - Dr JR Baker, CEO, ASPIRE

"We're delighted to work with ASPIRE to support social prescribing adoption across Australia and we are looking forward to working together to build sustainable investment models that deliver health for all." Gareth Presch, CEO, GSPA Ltd

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