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AU/UK Social Prescribing Webinar Wednesday 10th March 6pm Brisbane, 8am UK.

Join us for our introductory webinar on Social Prescribing and the role it could play in Australian Healthcare. Social Prescribing is ‘the practice where health professionals, including GPs, have the resources and infrastructure to link patients with social services – or even social groups – in a bid to address the social determinants contributing to poor health and stave off the epidemic of loneliness and social isolation’.(1) Supported by the RACGP and Consumer Health Forum interest in Social Prescribing is growing in Australia and is the future of our healthcare system.

The UK NHS Social Prescribing Champions Scheme was established to enable medical students - the generation of today, and the future doctors of tomorrow - to get involved in learning about, teaching, and promoting Social Prescribing within their region. With representatives across all 34 UK Medical Schools the Social Prescribing Champions Scheme is a national network educating fellow students and the community. Following the recent launch of the Global Social Prescribing Alliance this is an exciting time to establish Social Prescribing in Australia. In the coming weeks AMSA (Australian Medical Students Association) will be forming a Social Prescribing Working Group so keep an eye on your email to stay involved.


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