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Empower international medical students to engage in social prescribing - UN SDG3 Good Health & Wellbeing.

This course is intended to complement the work of the Global Social Prescribing Alliance - International Student Movement Framework “Enabling students to understand social prescribing - Fundamentals - Analysis – Reform”.


It aims to provide guidance on youth-specific issues that should be taken into consideration when creating an enabling environment for social prescribing in their healthcare system

·  System Requirements 
This course runs on the latest versions of the major browsers. 

·  Audience
This course is primarily intended for: 

o Policy-makers 

o International technical experts 

o Youth leaders 

o Young students 

·  You will learn about

o Why it is important to empower youth to engage in social prescribing

o Why it is essential to engage young people in policy dialogue on social prescribing and what steps can be taken to empower youth to participate in such decision-making processes; 

o What are some of the most common challenges faced by young people who want to invest in social prescribing, and the main measures that policy-makers can adopt to address them; and 

o Why a conducive policy, legal and regulatory framework is critical to ensure that young people benefit from social prescribing investments and what measures policy-makers can adopt in this regard. 

·  Course structure
The course consists of 4 lessons: 

o Lesson 1 - Introduction 

o Lesson 2 - Foster youth engagement in policy-making processes 

o Lesson 3 - Empower youth to invest in social prescribing health systems

o Lesson 4 - Empower youth to benefit from large-scale social prescribing investments 


Webinars 1.5hrs in length: coming soon. 

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